Disposable injection needles are intended for intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous injections. All needles have a very sharp tip, and thanks to carefully shaped blades they facilitate tissue penetration without injuries.  They facilitate insertion with minimal damage to the skin, as well as high-quality materials to ensure complete safety.
Each BD Microlance, Unisharp, or Terumo injection needle is housed in a unitised paper-foil package that effectively protects the needle from external contamination. This ensures that the needle remains sterile until used. Needles are available of various diameters and lengths.

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Needles are sterile medical devices that are used not only in specialised institutions but also in outpatient and home settings. For many chronic ailments that do not require hospitalisation, self-administered injections and injections are often the only option for regular medication application. Insulin needles and syringes are essential accessories for people struggling with diabetes. Syringe needles are adapted to different injection methods. You can choose from medical needles prepared for traditional syringes, but there are also needles for insulin injectors, with which the injection is performed with a single click. Regardless of the form of injection and the needle used, it is always important to remember to disinfect the puncture site beforehand and wipe it again after removing the needle. Syringe needles or insulin needles have different sizes – length and thickness. Depending on the type of injection (subcutaneous, intramuscular), needles with different characteristics are used.