Insulin Syringe with Needle 29G 1 ml BD Micro-Fine+
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Insulin Syringe with Needle 29G 1 ml BD Micro-Fine+


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An insulin syringe with a needle from BD Micro-Fine Plus is a disposable stainless steel needle syringe. The technologies used enable smooth plunger operation and accurate delivery of the product. The needle’s three-sided blade reduces pain and provides durability.An insulin syringe with a needle is a sterile medical device with a volume of 1 ml, equipped with a technologically advanced needle with an outer diameter of 0.33 mm (29G) and a length of 12.7 mm.
  • A medical device intended for the administration of insulin for the treatment of diabetes.
  • transparent cylinder accurately shows the contents of the syringe,
  • clear scale markers allow accurate dosing of medication,
  • BD needles are sterilised by radiation using gamma rays in accordance with current European standards.
  • special silicone coating ensures smooth movement of the piston,
  • there is no risk of the needle becoming detached,
  • safety ring protects against the accidental withdrawal of the piston,
  • the tip of each needle is a three-sided blade; the bevel angles of the blade have been selected to ensure adequate strength and to
  • reduce pain sensation during insertion
  • the needles are coated with a special coating that reduces the force required for insertion, thus significantly increasing the comfort of injection,
  • the thin-wall technology used in the needles makes it possible to increase the speed of the insulin flow while reducing the force required to perform the injection.
  • the syringes are CE marked.

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